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Lasagna Bowls !

on May 18, 2012

It has been a while since my last post…and this post is for my Jenna
(the sweetest little girl in the entire world)…
These little things were quite tasty BUT the won-ton wrappers were met with mixed reviews as some didn’t like the crispy corners ..
I love the flavor – homemade marinara sauce mixed with lean ground beef and spices..then 3 kinds of cheese were used!

Here is a close-up of the little tasty and they are super easy!
All you need are: won-ton wrappers | cheese | marinara sauce | ground beef
I did trip the wrappers a bit so that there wasn’t too much overlap as you actually cook these in a muffin tin.

You then really just create a lasagna bowl sandwich – I placed 2 won-ton wrappers, filling mixture a pinch of ricotta, mozza, and cheddar, then two more won-ton wrappers and the same thing.  You assemble them  directly inside the muffin tin so depending on what size you have you could trim the wrappers using a glass or a round cookie cutter.
They are filling, easy, super yummy and they reheat well ! What more could you want (we won’t discuss the calories though) !!!!!

 I will be making these again soon 🙂


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